A tube laser cutting machine

A tube laser cutting machine can complete the traditional sawing, punching, drilling and other processes of metal furniture in one stop. This highly automated and intelligent processing method brings higher production efficiency and flexibility in processing accuracy. Controllable and higher quality consistency.

At the moment of diversification and the popularity of light luxury, metal furniture has emerged in the furniture industry with its characteristics of flexible processing, recycling, and free shaping, and has entered the mainstream market. With the continuous emergence of new materials, the future market of metal furniture should not be underestimated, and it is urgent to dig deep and expand.

The traditional metal pipe production process is generally: sawing machine cutting, CNC processing, bevel processing, proofing punching, drilling, etc. The process is cumbersome and complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the labor cost is high, the accuracy is not up to standard, the material is easily deformed, and the later stage The bottleneck of processing more and more becomes more and more prominent. Metal pipes occupy a dominant position in the composition of metal furniture. In the production of metal furniture, pipe processing is one of the core processes. The tube laser cutting process breaks the traditional processing bottleneck, realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase for the production of furniture and home furnishing enterprises, and stimulates infinite vitality.

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