Advantages of laser cutting process for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle laser cutting has fast speed and good effect. Just input the required specifications into the computer, and the equipment can automatically, quickly and efficiently complete the cutting task. The incision is smooth and free of burrs, and no secondary processing is required. It will not cause tube deformation. Laser cutting adopts high-energy beam non-contact cutting, which will not produce any mechanical pressure on the workpiece, and the heat-affected area is small, which will not cause tube deformation.

Electric vehicle laser cutting has a flexible processing method, which can meet the processing of any pattern, and is also suitable for a variety of pipes, whether it is round pipe, square pipe, special-shaped pipe, etc., as well as carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, can be easily cut. The operating cost of electric vehicle laser cutting is very low. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting, laser tube cutting equipment does not require any extra consumables, and the performance is very stable and the wear is very low.

1. Integrated dual-station design for feeding, receiving and cutting

2. It can process 2 pipes at the same time, one on top of two

3. Top-mounted silo, effectively reducing the floor space

4. Double-station automatic feeding system without manual intervention

5. Different profiles can be cut independently synchronously or asynchronously

6. Automatic clamping function, close to zero waste of tailings

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