Application of Metal Laser Marking Machine in Marking Cylindrical Products

When selecting a laser marking machine, we should not only consider the material of the marking product, but also have requirements for the shape of the marking product. For example, conventional metal laser marking machines can only mark on a flat surface. What if products of other shapes need to be marked?


The laser has done a similar customer case to mark the barcode on the cylindrical stainless steel. The customer's product material is stainless steel 304. Generally, it is not easy to mark the cylindrical product, because it is not a flat surface, but is very curved. More importantly, it needs to mark the barcode on it, so this process is more difficult. However, for the metal laser marking machine, flexible 360 degree marking can be carried out on any irregular workpiece surface, and complex patterns such as two-dimensional code and barcode can be easily marked. The process technology is relatively mature, and we also have a lot of experience in metal marking.

Application of Metal Laser Marking Machine in Marking Cylindrical Products(图1)

The flexibility and stability of the metal laser marking machine have been recognized in many industries. It is powerful and can carry out many processes, such as paint stripping, hollowing and simple cutting, or carving depth on metal. Moreover, another advantage of the laser marking machine is that its processing speed is very fast. Simple products can be marked in a few seconds, which can not only keep up with the production rhythm, but also improve efficiency and achieve both quality and speed.

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