CO2 laser marking machine

1. Laser tube: CO2 RF tube laser marking machine adopts imported laser tube, while glass tube adopts domestic laser tube.


2. Service life: The service life of the stainless steel sculpture of the CO2 RF tube laser marking machine can reach more than 45000 hours, which can be used for 6 years generally. It can be used repeatedly without replacement when inflated, while the glass tube marking machine is only about 2500 hours. Generally, a glass tube is replaced every six months, which can not be used repeatedly, and needs to be replaced.

3. Cooling side IC full-automatic laser marking machine type: The CO2 RF tube laser marking machine is air-cooled, which can ensure long-term trouble free and stable operation. The CO2 glass tube laser marking machine is water-cooled, which may not emit light or intermittently emit light when working for a long time or when the water temperature is high, and continuous work has a great impact on the product quality.


4. Spot size (beam): The CO2 RF tube laser marking machine is 0.07mm fine spot, more than 3 times finer than the glass tube, with high precision, small thermal diffusion area, and can carve/cut very fine works. The CO2 glass tube laser marking machine is 0.25mm thick spot, with poor precision, unstable light output (uneven light intensity, and sometimes no light output), large thermal diffusion area, and obvious blackening due to edge melting, and poor carving accuracy.


5. Stability: The RF tube is a fully sealed metal tube. It uses a 30V low-voltage power supply, which directly avoids some disadvantages caused by using a high-voltage power supply. Because the domestic glass tube laser cutting machine uses a 10000V or higher high-voltage power supply, there is a certain danger in addition to instability. Long working time makes the power supply easy to age, and there is a great interference to the control system. For example, improper operation is easy to burn the motherboard, It is easier to damage its normal function due to the influence of voltage.

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