Daily instructions and selection of laser marking machine

There are many problems that need attention in daily use of the laser marking machine. Here we will explain some common problems. These are basic common sense problems that need attention. Don't make the machine unusable because of some small problems.


Precautions for daily use of laser marking machine.

1. The problem of the circuit. The use of the laser marking machine needs a stable voltage, and it needs to ensure that there are no problems in the middle of the circuit. This requires the user to check the use of the circuit and some switches when using the laser marking machine, so as to ensure that there are no problems when using the laser marking machine.

2. The marking machine can be turned on and off for a long time if it is used frequently, but it needs to be turned on when it is used infrequently. We have seen some customers who use it for a short time a day, but still turn it on for a long time, which is very harmful to the use of the laser marking machine.

3. Regular inspection, which is a routine item, requires users to learn some maintenance knowledge.

4. For regular cleaning, it is necessary to treat some dust and stains on the surface.

5. Anticorrosion. The laser marking machine will inevitably encounter some bumps when it is used. These parts are easy to rust. Any rust will require timely paint repair.

The technology and advantages of laser marking machine in electroplating industry. Laser electroplating is a new high-energy beam electroplating technology, which is of great significance to the production and repair of microelectronic devices and large-scale integrated circuits. At present, although the principle of laser electroplating, laser ablation, plasmon laser deposition and laser jet are still under research, its technology has been applied, Marking machine When a continuous laser or pulse laser irradiates the cathode surface in the electroplating bath, not only can the deposition speed of metal be greatly improved, but also the computer can control the movement track of the laser beam to obtain the unshielded coating of the expected complex geometry.


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