How to select laser marking machine

1. Look at the manufacturer. Some customers are not very familiar with the laser marking machine. They don't know what brand to choose. We suggest you buy some big brands. This kind of machine is authoritative in the industry and has been recognized by customers. As for the IC full-automatic laser marking machine, as we buy some home appliances, we usually first consider some big brands. Why buy big brands, Because their reputation is high, their popularity is high, their after-sales service is good, etc. It is the same on the marking machine.


2. According to the price, the prices of two different brands and models of marking machines vary greatly. If you can't distinguish two similar products, you can use the price to distinguish.


3. Select the ones that are suitable for you. When selling products, some businesses generally give priority to introducing some of the latest products or some overstocked products. This is the sales practice of every industry. You need to adhere to your own principle, that is, choose the ones that are suitable for you. When purchasing, you can directly check the information about what you are suitable for, and then ask the salesperson to introduce the products that are suitable for you, Sometimes you need tens of thousands of products, and the sales person introduces hundreds of thousands of products to you, so you can buy them again. There is no best marking machine, and what suits you is good.


4. Look at the after-sales service. When you buy a laser marking machine, you must buy a manufacturer with good after-sales service. This is a key factor in your later use, and also a necessary factor to determine whether your later use is pleasant.

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