How to use the marking machine

1. The equipment shall be used and maintained by special personnel.

2. Operators can only operate after being trained and qualified by special personnel from the equipment manufacturer.

3. The operator must operate according to the instructions to avoid damaging the machine or even causing personal injury due to misoperation.


4. The equipment shall be cleaned before shift handover or off duty every day, and the moving parts (such as guide rail, needle sleeve, etc.) of the equipment shall be oiled for maintenance, and the machine head shall be observed to see if the screws are loose, and all the equipment can be handed over or off duty only after it is in good condition.


5. In case of system failure, stop working immediately. With the cooperation of equipment maintenance personnel, judge the failure according to the failure analysis in the instruction manual, and handle it properly. If the maintenance is still unavailable, contact the equipment manufacturer immediately.


6. When loading and unloading the fixture, first turn off the power supply of the controller, and adjust the printer head to a proper height to avoid collision between the printing needle and the fixture or personal injury.


7. When operating the portable head, it should be handled with care. The laser marking machine should pay attention that the printing needle should not collide with the ground or other equipment at will.


8. When the environmental conditions fail to meet the requirements, do not force the machine to start (such as the voltage fails to meet the requirements, the humidity is too high, and the temperature is too high), and try to reduce the overload operation time of the system.


The system structure (including computer settings, controller and head wiring, or other products not provided by the equipment manufacturer) shall not be changed at will, which may affect the normal operation of the equipment or even cause damage to the equipment.


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