Laser solutions for food packaging

Food packaging bag is an important part of the commodity. In addition to the functions of keeping fresh, storing and protecting food, you can also obtain information about the food source, food ingredients, food shelf life, storage conditions, etc. through the information on the packaging bag. However, due to factors such as commodity transportation and contact, ink marks are often prone to "easy to erase and fall off"; At the same time, some criminals will erase the production date of products that are about to expire, and then spray the new production date to continue to sell in the market. This will have a great impact on people's health, but also seriously undermine the market principles.

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Today, laser technology can provide a good solution:

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is a marking method that uses high energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece locally, vaporize the surface material or produce chemical reaction of color change, so as to leave permanent marks. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, clear marking, environmental protection and no pollution. The entire marking information is depicted on the product packaging, so it is difficult to tamper with and counterfeit; In addition, we can also establish a linked database system so that we can track and inquire the latest trends of products in a timely manner. Therefore, the information marked by the ultraviolet laser marking machine is used for packaging bags, such as production date, food source and other information; It shall be clear, eye-catching and permanent, and the package will be damaged if it is erased; In addition, it is environmentally friendly and consumable free, and it can also effectively restrain illegal elements and provide an umbrella for public food safety issues.


For example, when consumers buy puffed food, the sealing of the packaging bag is not good enough, the contents of the package are easy to overflow, and the time limit will also be shortened within the validity period. Some seals are too tight, and it is difficult to tear along the dotted line. Therefore, it is difficult to control the strength when opening some food packages. From the perspective of the webmaster consumers, these are all small things that cause headaches, However, the laser system of the UV laser marking machine can select a single film layer in the flexible packaging for scribing. In this way, we can achieve the perfect tear off effect of flexible packaging, and maintain the integrity of the film, so that the outer film is intact, so that we can effectively prevent the goods in the package from seeing light and being affected with moisture.


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