Speed Skill of Laser Marking Machine and Function of 3D Laser Marking Machine

First of all, for a fixed marking pattern, the factors that affect the marking efficiency can be divided into the equipment itself and the processing materials, so it can be concluded that the final factors that affect the marking efficiency are the filling type, field mirror, galvanometer, delay and other factors.

The second is how to improve the marking efficiency:


1. Choose the best of the four fillings.

a. Two way filling: the marking efficiency is good.

b. Rounding filling: it can only be used when marking fine figures and fonts, and the efficiency is similar to that of bow filling.

c. One way filling: the marking efficiency is the slowest and seldom used in actual processing.

d. Arch filling: The marking efficiency is the highest. Sometimes there are problems of line and uneven line. When marking thin figures and fonts, the above problems will not occur. Therefore, arch filling is the first choice.


The above four filling methods are different, which can be changed according to the actual marking needs. Selecting their corresponding filling methods can also improve the marking efficiency. If the marking effect of details is not pursued, it is recommended to use bow filling to significantly improve the marking speed. If you want to have both two-way filling, it is a good choice.


2. Select a better high-speed galvanometer

Generally, the scanning speed of the galvanometer can reach 3000 mm/s at most, but a better high-speed galvanometer can scan tens of thousands of times per second with a laser marking machine (you should know what it means to have more or less zeros). In addition, when using ordinary galvanometers to mark small graphics or fonts, it is easy to deform, and you must reduce the scanning speed to ensure the effect.

Laser marking machine galvanometer.


3. Suitable field mirror.

The larger the focal length of the field mirror, the larger the focus spot. Under the same spot overlap rate, the space between the filling lines can be increased, thus improving the marking efficiency.


Note: The larger the field mirror is, the smaller the power density is. Therefore, the space between filling lines should be increased when enough marking energy is ensured.

Laser marking airport mirror.


4. Set the delay ingeniously.


Different filling types are affected by different delays, so reducing the delay irrelevant to the filling type can also improve the marking efficiency.


a. Arch filling and return filling: mainly affected by corner delay, it can reduce the light on delay, light off delay and end delay.


b. Two way filling, one way filling: mainly affected by the light on delay and light off delay, it can reduce the corner delay and end delay.


At the same time, it should be noted that the delay can be appropriately reduced for thick graphics and fonts, which are less affected by the delay. The delay can be appropriately increased for thin graphics and fonts, which are more affected by the delay.


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