What are the application industries of laser marking machine

Laser marking machines are widely used in various industries, mainly including the following purposes:


1. You can use laser marking machine to carve blessing words, LOGO, words, anti-counterfeit code, production date, pictures, wedding blessings, holiday blessings, etc. on food packaging bags and gift boxes.

2. On electronic components such as mobile phone chargers, use optical fiber laser marking machine to carve hazard signs, LOGO, production date, manufacturer name, LR,+- signs on headphones, precautions for hazard signs on lithium batteries, environmental protection signs, power supply voltage and other information.


3. In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is used to mark the date of birth and the date of expiration of the warranty on the medicine box packaging bag or packaging carton.


4. In the furniture and wood floor industry, CO2 laser marking machine is used to carve the company's brand LOGO, graphics, number, etc.


5. In the advertising industry, acrylic signs and light cabinet display cabinets can be carved with laser cutting machines, and acrylic handicraft gifts can be carved with blessings.


6. In the hardware accessories industry, such as hardware keychain, stainless steel bowl, fork, spoon, knife and other metals, optical fiber laser marking machine is used to carve the company's LOGO, pattern and other information.


7. The automobile and motorcycle parts industry, such as bearings, steering wheels, gearboxes, engines and other metals, also uses optical fiber laser marking machines to carve company brands and other information on them.

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