What can you do with Laser Cutter?

Before buying a laser cutter, you may be wondering if it is a worthwhile purchase. For us, wondering what can be done with laser cutting is a bit like wondering what can be done with a circular saw. It is a tool.

So, what can you do with a laser cutter? How does wood laser cutting work? What materials does it cut? Let’s find everything here.

What is laser cutting?

Let's try to keep it simple to start with. You will find more specific information in other articles to come. Laser cutting is a digital manufacturing process.

The machine is equipped with a CO² tube which projects a laser beam on mirrors up to the nozzle. The beam then passes through a lens before arriving at the material to be worked. This laser has a variable power, which makes it possible to cut, engrave or mark various materials.

  1. Make lamps with a laser cutter:

We love lamps! And we're not the only ones. On the internet, for example, we see many artisans selling their lamp creations. The possibilities are limitless. Some are moving towards designer lamps with a sober look that goes everywhere.

  1. Sell key rings:

What can be done with a laser cutter? Keychains of course - They are small objects that are very easy to design and sell. In the markets, we are sure to sell a few and not go home empty-handed. You can make keychains out of wood or any other material you like acrylic. It's also great for filling holes in boards and saving wood.

  1. Propose store signs:

All stores need a sign to signal their activity to passers-by. What if you were designing it? In our opinion, it's a good idea for a local business...provided you get started, prospect, and make yourself known. If you already have a network, go for it.

  1. Design boxes, more boxes with a laser cutter:

People love boxes. Why? Maybe because it's useful. That they are creations that you can sell at a reasonable price to the customer…and that you can really create pretty things. Moreover, to find out more, we wrote an article on the best box generators.

  1. Engrave photos with laser:

Because it's a great gift for families, photo etchings are a great laser-cutting project idea. On the internet, it is very difficult for people to see the rendering, know which photo to choose, etc.  

  1. Make wall decorations:

Everyone likes to decorate their interior, right? With a laser cutter, you can create any wall decoration imaginable. With a single layer, and several, depth effects… everything is allowed.

  1. Getting into sports trophies:

On the internet, you can find many models of sports trophies. They are made of Poly. By working locally, and if you are part of a sports team, for example, you can quickly make a name for yourself in the industry. In sports competitions, there are large quantities and it could well allow you to make a good turnover at the end of the year. There was a craftsman who was doing it near us this year but he closed his box.

  1. Create clocks:

Clocks: everyone has them at home, right? For those who are still wondering: “But what can you do with a laser cutter?”, then the clock is a good idea. With a Pokemon for manga fans, a flower for grannies, and a photo engraving. In short, anything is possible.

  1. Make engraved pens and other promotional items:

On Amazon, you can find a lot of engraved items. You can create pens with the logos of your professional clients or for private clients who would like a truly personalized gift. It's a good idea for a laser cutter project.

  1. Laser-cut paper pop-up cards:

Another idea gleaned from this Etsy shop. Personally, we're not big fans of wedding stuff or parties in general. But it interests a lot of people and there is a big market to take. If you are still wondering what can be done with a laser cutter, get started!

  1. Create mirrors:

When we were looking for ideas and wondering what can be done with a laser cutter, we thought of mirrors. It is a decorative object but also useful to everyone. You can start making big machines to make giant mirrors for professionals.

  1. Laser engrave and cut leather:

We do not realize it like that, but in the leather industry, the laser is widely used. It allows you to cut with precision. You can imagine using it to cut pieces before sewing in leather goods. Or, you can create small pieces of laser-engraved leather with a logo for a leather worker.

  1. Sell laser cut coasters:

Another idea is straight from our e-commerce site. The coasters work well, and it is even our best seller. Why? Impossible to say.

  1. Offer wooden or slate menus to restaurants:

Hospitality and catering professionals are always looking for cool ideas to decorate their public reception areas. You can try testing to burn slates and it's really cool as a result. You can also imagine creating some in wood. It is personalized and very original.

  1. Create shop furniture with laser:

There are so many possible projects with the laser cutter that you don't know what to choose. Professionals who set up a business do not go through architectural firms. These could refer clients to us in exchange for a commission. Bottle racks, counter display, window decoration… there are plenty of things to do.

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