What safety precautions should be paid attention to when operating the UV laser marking machine

The ultraviolet laser marking machine uses the solid laser as the laser source; High speed galvanometer scanning; After being focused by high-precision flat field mirror, the laser is applied to the workpiece surface to achieve the purpose of marking. The high-speed control software sends control commands to the laser and galvanometer through the computer, and can mark the designed graphics on the workpiece.

What matters should be paid attention to when operating the laser marking machine in use, mainly the safety characteristics of the laser


1. Remote hardware lock, the rear of each laser control box is equipped with remote hardware lock.

2. The key switch is installed on the control panel of the laser. Only when the key switch is turned on, the laser can emit light.

3. Laser identification: the laser output wavelength, power, pulse width and other technical parameters are marked on the surface of the laser head, and danger warning signs are pasted on the front of the laser head. The triangle label above indicates the direction of laser emission, while the strip window below displays laser hazard warning


The laser output from the laser of the ultraviolet laser marking machine directly shoots into the human eye, which will cause serious injury to the eyes, and even lead to blindness.


The most noticeable thing is to protect the eyes during the use of the laser. In addition to the main beam, there are also small beams at various angles near the laser system. These beams are formed by the specular reflection of the main beam on various polished surfaces (such as lenses, mirrors and other optical elements). Although these beams are very weak compared with the main beam, they can still cause greater damage to the human eye. The laser beam is very strong, which can burn people's skin, burn clothes and paint on the surface. Even if it spreads for a long distance, it can still ignite volatile substances, such as organic solvents. The laser beam will also damage the photosensitive elements in the optical camera and the light-emitting diode. At the same time, the laser beam will also damage the indirect contact from the reflective surface.

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