Installation for ATOMSTACK Maker E85 Large Area Extended Frame 850x800

1. Quickly and conveniently expand the engraving size: just replace the frame shaft of the ATOMSTACK series engraving machine, you can get a large engraving area of 850*800mm, without purchasing any additional accessories to meet your large-area engraving needs.
2. High-precision original profiles of the same color: The expansion kit adopts the original metal profiles of the same color as the A20 Pro series engraving machine, which expands the engraving area and ensures the stability and accuracy of the engraving machine.
3. Applicable models: ATOMSTACK A20 Pro, A5 M30, A5 M40, A5 PRO+, A5 M50 PRO, A5 M50, X7 PRO, X7, A10 PRO, S10 PRO, A10, X20 PRO, S20 PRO, A20, P7 M30, P7 M40, P9 M50.

4. Applicable modules: M40, M50, M100

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