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Cambrian Max

➢ The world's first rubber 3D printer --Cambrian.

➢ Full body anodized aluminum alloy structure, all modules and main components are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which can ensure the rigidity required for accurate printing.

2.85mm extrusion head is used for printing TPR, modular design.

➢ Integrated print head design, near-end feeding, precise control of material extrusion and recycling, the printed model is relatively fine, not drawing, and not easy to block.

➢ Exclusive research and development of super elastic printing rubber wire-TPR, with high elasticity (50-70A hardness) and high resilience rate (>50%), using TPR rubber material can print high-quality end-application rubber products at a lower cost : Sports equipment, auto parts, electronic equipment, medical equipment, industrial design, etc. Create and print everyday items and useful gadgets. The printed sole can withstand 200,000 bends.

➢ Ultra-quiet TMC2225 motor drive chip, fast, accurate, and quiet.

➢ Brand-new lattice glass hot bed, rapid heating up to 110°in 2 minutes (high hardness, not easy to scratch, easy to take mold).

➢ 4.3 -inch capacitive touch screen Resolution: 800 * 480, the new UI design, easy to operate.

➢ Hidden wiring harness, more beautiful and safer.

➢ Rotatable drum rack can reduce material deformation

➢ The Z -axis dual-motor to ensure the printing operation of the horizontal stabilizer

➢ Simple operation and intelligent leveling.

➢ Brand power supply, support long continuous printing over time, with both interrupted material and continuous printing.

➢ The ambient light can be changed, and the printing status can be easily judged.

➢ Easy to install and use right out of the box.

12 Months maintenance


24-hour treatment

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