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Introduction of flexible film laser cutting process

Time:2022-06-10 Views:

At present, due to the advantages of ultra-thin, flexible, power saving, wide color gamut, high contrast, wide viewing angle, high response speed and low visual persistence, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays are more and more widely used in smartphones. , Pad, car display, high-definition TV, notebook, AR and many other fields.

For the film and sheet slitting process in the production process of flexible OLED display, there is no better method to complete it efficiently at this stage. Usually, it relies on a large number of manual operations, and is limited by the methods of operators and the operating environment. Not only is the efficiency extremely low , the cost is high, the dimensional accuracy after slitting cannot be guaranteed, and the handling and slippage during the operation will cause defects such as creases and scratches in the film sheet, which seriously affects the product quality and the back-end process.


For this reason, the technical problem to be solved by Han's Laser is to provide a flexible film laser cutting equipment and process, which aims to solve the problems of low efficiency, low yield and high cost in the cutting process of film sheets in the prior art.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect is: after the flexible film sheet to be cut is placed on the tray centering cylinder assembly in the feeding mechanism for centering, the feeding suction cup assembly is used to suck the film sheet to be cut, The film sheet to be cut is transported to the cutting mechanism by the feeding motion module to be cut into several film sheets, and then the cut film sheet is sucked by the first unloading mechanism and transported to the second unloading mechanism. The code reading and labeling components are used for labeling, and finally the cut flexible film is positioned and packaged by the centering mechanism, which has high production efficiency, low production cost and guaranteed product quality.