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How to solve the fault of the chiller of the laser marking machine

Time:2022-06-10 Views:

one. Poor cooling effect:

1. Whether the temperature where the machine is installed is too high to cause poor heat dissipation.

2. Check if the condenser fins are dirty or the filter is not cleaned.

3. If the machine has exceeded its normal service life, the original effect can be restored by replacing the compressor.

4. There may be a partial refrigerant leak in the system.


two. Unstable temperature: (far exceeding the set temperature difference), or keep cooling or heating, check whether the power supply voltage is too low (the voltage between 197~242V is normal), due to the low voltage of the cooling solenoid valve and bypass The solenoid valve does not switch properly.

three. No water flow or small water flow: check whether the air of the water pump is drained cleanly, whether the filter screen at the bottom of the water tank is blocked, whether the water pump capacitor is bad, and whether the relay controlling the water pump is closed.


General handling method when there is a fault code displayed

Sensor failure:

Check the resistance value of the temperature sensing head resistance is about 20 and 5 kΩ. The resistance value of the probe will change when you touch it with your hand. If the resistance value is too small or there is no resistance value, the probe is bad.