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How to operate the laser cutting machine safely!

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 1. In the production work, personal protective equipment must be used correctly according to the regulations. Female workers' shoulder-length hair should be put into the work cap, otherwise they are not allowed to enter the post.


2. It is strictly forbidden to drink and go to work. You must stick to your post during work, and you are not allowed to play, sleep and do other work unrelated to production.


3. Must be familiar with the performance and structure of various spreaders, equipment, tools and process preparations used within the scope of work. All kinds of equipment safety protection devices are complete, and check and confirm that they are in good condition before they can be used.


4. The equipment that is not operated by myself shall not be started arbitrarily without the approval of the leader. Personal use of mechanical equipment, if there is an emergency to leave, must cut off the power supply, stop before leaving.


5. New workers entering the factory must undergo safety education in accordance with the provisions of the "Enterprise Safety Management System" issued by the factory, Chapter 3, Section 2, Chapter 3, and no job assignment is allowed without education.


6. There should be safe passages in the workplace. Raw materials, semi-finished products, and waste materials should be stacked neatly, and the sidewalks and construction sites should be kept clean.


7. The exposed transmission parts of various mechanical equipment and tools must be equipped with protective devices. The auxiliary safety accessories of the equipment, such as signal meters, indicators, etc., should be checked regularly, and they are not allowed to be dismantled arbitrarily.


8. All kinds of electrical equipment and lines must be well insulated, and their metal casings (including electric tools) must be grounded or zeroed reliably. Informal electricians are not allowed to connect and dismantle electrical equipment and lines.


9. When using the crane, it is necessary to strictly abide by the "ten do not lift" system, and it is not allowed to stand on the lifting object and instruct the crane to lift. When hoisting and transporting large equipment, a special


The person is in charge of the command. The special cranes and fixtures used must be checked in advance, and blind and reckless actions are not allowed. It is forbidden to walk or stay under the hanging objects.


10. The multi-person operation should be under unified command and close cooperation. It is not allowed to go their own way or obey the command. For the work of more than two people, one person must be designated to be responsible.


11. In the event of an accident or a major unresolved accident, it is necessary to protect the scene, and immediately report to the relevant leaders, conduct investigation and analysis, and wait for treatment.

How to operate the laser cutting machine safely!