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Why choose fiber laser marking machine?

Time:2022-06-14 Views:

As a medium, it has the advantages of good heat dissipation, high power and fast speed, which are favored by many industries. The fiber laser marking machine uses an air-cooled laser diode as the pump source, which can be pulsed and continuously operated, and is more convenient to use.


    During the marking process of the fiber laser marking machine, an icon is marked with high repetition, and the output power is very stable. The spot depth and shape of the laser marking machine are therefore precisely controlled. The fiber laser marking machine mainly outputs laser light from the laser, and the laser goes out of the characteristic track on the marked object through the movement of the galvanometer.

    Just enter the text and pattern to be marked in the software of the laser marking machine, confirm the size of the marking, the running speed of the laser beam and the number of repetitions, etc., so that the laser marking machine can mark a beautiful pattern. . We can design two-dimensional codes and barcodes for the patterns required in marking, or import them through digital cameras and scanners. Of course, we can also download floor plans from the Internet. Use these patterns to convert into digital signals, and then convert them into current control signals after programming and calculation, and then input them into the driver to form the corresponding control signals and control the high-precision servo motor operation through the D/A card, and then control the x-direction and y-direction separately. The galvanometer deflects the viewpoint to produce a satisfactory laser pattern. The fiber laser marking machine etches the surface of the processed object to form a durable score. The scribing line width can reach the level of 20 microns, and the fiber laser marking machine software has an automatic image distortion correction function, which can make customers more satisfied.

    The electro-optical conversion efficiency of the fiber laser marking machine produced by Dongguan Guanli Laser is up to 30%, and the power consumption of the whole machine is only 600W, which is 1/10 of the lamp-pumped solid-state laser marking machine, which greatly saves energy consumption; maintenance-free, Long life: use laser diode as pump source, fully enclosed optical path design, its average trouble-free working time exceeds 100,000 hours; fast processing speed: processing speed is 5-10 times that of traditional laser marking machine Laser suitable for mass products Marking processing.