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The contribution of "FPC laser cutting machine" to the electronic processing industry

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The laser is a flexible, non-contact, profiling tool that can cut from any point in the material and in any direction. So why can FPC laser cutting machine play such an obvious role in flexible circuit boards and smart electronic products? Of course, it is because of its unique ultraviolet light source, that is, ultraviolet optics. At the same time as cutting, the ultraviolet laser will not form a high temperature reaction. When processing precision components such as FPC flexible circuit boards, it will not cause loss, and the degree of precision can be determined according to Adjust the appropriate power according to your own needs. The key is that the cutting level is neat and smooth, and the seamless splicing can be well completed in the placement of the circuit board. The service life of the UV laser head is relatively longer, and the FPC laser cutting machine can help enterprises to solve problems such as cost, efficiency and labor.

FPC laser cutting machine promotes the development of industries such as smart phones through its own unique characteristics, helping 3c electronic enterprise manufacturers to better deal with costs in the processing link. Efficiency and other issues to achieve the role of excellence. First of all, it adopts computer automation operation, no matter it is simple or complex parts, as long as there is a cutting drawing file and importing the drawing file into the computer, the laser can be used for precise and rapid forming and cutting at one time; secondly, the degree of automation is high, the operation is simple, the operator is safe, and labor intensity is high. Low; especially laser cutting has no pollution, and the cutting quality is good. The effective life cycle of this technology is long. Since no specific mold is required for cutting, it is possible to perform large-scale production or small-scale production, or even proofing. won't make 

It is a waste of resources, so the economic benefits are good. Just because the cost of the streamer is relatively high, the price of the FPC laser cutting machine is relatively high, but it is very worthwhile from the perspective of the long-term development of the enterprise.

FPC cover film laser cutting machine features and advantages

The FPC cover film laser cutting machine is mainly aimed at FPC, PCB, ceramics and other materials, using high-power UV lasers to achieve fast and precise cutting and drilling, and has a wide range of applications. Application areas: FPC, PCB, flexible and rigid board cutting, fingerprint chip module cutting, soft ceramic cutting, cover film window opening.

FPC cover film laser cutting machine is mainly used in the precision cutting of FPC, cover film and sheet roll products in the 3C industry. The processing width is 300*500mm. The processing process will not cause damage such as contact pressure injury, and the product qualification rate is high; configuration Ultrafast laser, small affected area of cutting, good processing effect. The laser cutting process of FPC cover film mainly uses laser to cut PI cover film, which not only has high cutting precision, but also saves high cost of molds and has high product qualification rate, which can greatly reduce production costs and improve product quality.

FPC cover film laser cutting machine features and advantages


FPC cover film laser cutting machine features: high-precision machine tools, high-precision servo screw drive to ensure position accuracy and dimensional accuracy, better roundness, better corner effect. Stable walking and energy control enable the machine to cut the edge of the product with a smaller heat-affected zone, smoother edge-cutting effect, and good effect consistency. The software has superior performance and can realize functions such as layered cutting, cutting path optimization, laser energy following speed, etc. The cutting effect is consistent and the material half-cutting energy is well controlled.