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Advantages of FPC cover film laser cutting machine

Time:2022-06-21 Views:

1. Using nanosecond ultraviolet laser, cold light source, laser cutting heat affected zone is particularly small to 10μm; using the world's advanced lasers and core components, the beam quality is good, and the power stability is high;

2. The minimum focusing spot can reach 10μm, which is suitable for micro-cutting and drilling of any organic & inorganic materials; years of process tuning and optimization, focusing spot quality, good cutting effect and high efficiency;


3. CCD visual pre-scanning & automatic target grabbing positioning, maximum processing range 500mm×350mm, XY platform splicing accuracy ≤±5μm; high-speed high-precision linear motor and negative pressure adsorption system, accurate positioning and high processing stability;

4. Support a variety of visual positioning features, such as cross, solid circle, hollow circle, L-shaped right-angle edge, image feature points, etc.;

5. There are two different models of manual loading and unloading and automatic loading and unloading. It takes 3 seconds to cut the IC fingerprint identification chip, and it can be customized according to customer needs.

The laser of the FPC cover film laser cutting machine adopts imported radio frequency laser, which has fast proofing speed, saves the cost of knife mold, and is easy to operate. For the touch screen industry material, the curling phenomenon that occurs during cutting is improved, and the absorption of laser energy by the material is improved, making up for the Domestic laser equipment is insufficient for touch screen cutting.