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High-precision laser cutting machine helps the development of the mobile phone industry

Time:2022-06-21 Views:

In this era of Internet information, the communication industry is developing rapidly, the mobile phone industry is rapidly updated, and the popularity of smart phones has become an important symbol of the development of the times. With the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for the quality and functions of mobile phones, the processing of related accessories and accessories is also required to be more and more sophisticated. So how does the high-precision laser cutting machine help the development of the mobile phone industry?


First of all, in terms of mobile phone screens, the boom of full-screen and "bangs" screens has made major manufacturers scramble to imitate them, but this requires more stringent manufacturing process requirements. The cutting of mobile phone screens is extremely important. It must be accurate, suitable and accurate. Make the perfect phone. The high-precision laser cutting machine can easily solve this problem.

The second is the protective film of the mobile phone. The protective film can be said to be the second screen of the mobile phone, and its materials include PC, PVC, PET, AR, etc. However, the popularity of laser technology has made all this no longer complicated. High-precision laser cutting machines can cut a variety of materials, playing an irreplaceable role in cutting accuracy and cutting efficiency.

With the advent of each mobile phone, the mobile phone accessories processing factory has not stopped, and began to design and mass produce the mobile phone film that is highly sought after by consumers. It can be seen that the demand for mobile phone film is very large. Although some people do not change their mobile phones often, they change their mobile phone films quite frequently.

There is also the laser cutting of the mobile phone body, whether it is the processing of various precision components or the grinding of the overall frame, it can be efficient and beautiful, and it can also reduce the weight of the body and the volume of the phone body.

The popularity of laser technology has provided strong technical support for the mobile phone industry, playing an irreplaceable role in both design and efficiency.

The advantages of high-precision laser cutting machine in the mobile phone industry

1. High precision: laser cutting can be within millimeters, very fine

2. Good effect: precise incision edge, no melting edge, no hand grinding

3. Strong flexibility: the graphics, specifications and sizes of the mobile phone film can be switched at will on the computer

4. Safe and reliable: the working process does not produce toxic substances

5. Easy to operate: the machine can be used after simple training

6. A wide range of applications: at the same time meet the processing of PC, PVC, PET and other materials

7. Low operating cost: only consumes a small amount of electricity, saving mold costs