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Chip laser cap opener, allowing you to easily open the IC cap

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When analyzing the chip failure, it is necessary to analyze the internal chips, wires, and components. Because the packaging colloid blocks the observation, use the combination of "laser etching" and "wet etching" to open the cover and remove the glue (remove the sealant, Compound Removal) , so that the objects covered in the package are exposed for subsequent experimental processing and observation.


The principle of component opening and cap opening is to remove the package on the surface of the component by chemical or physical methods, and observe the lead connection inside the component.

Chip packaging materials

A chip usually consists of the following structures:

1. Lead frame. Made of metal, it is used to connect silicon wafers to circuit boards.

2. Plastic or ceramic shell. Made of plastic or ceramic, usually black or white, to protect silicon wafers.

3. The connection line between the wafer and the lead frame. Constructed of gold or aluminum wires, used to connect silicon wafers to leadframes.

4. Silicon wafers. It is composed of high-purity silicon, dopants and metals and is the core component of integrated circuits.

5. Cooling base. Made of metal, the silicon wafer is glued to the heat sink base.

The removal method of these materials can be manually removed by chemical methods such as dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid, but artificial chemical methods are easy to cause corrosion and damage to chip materials.