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Compared with manual cap opening, chip laser cap capping machine has obvious advantages.

Time:2022-06-22 Views:

1. Meet the high standards of customers:

The chip laser decapper is relatively non-destructive, and it also has a good decapping effect in response to the increasing number of chip copper wire products in recent years, and even more complex samples can be processed quickly.


2. The cost is more cost-effective

Whether it is the manpower saved or the time and transportation cost for the samples to be delivered and opened, the transportation cost can be controlled. You don't need to take time to open the cover, it can be done in your own company. Therefore, for customers with large quantities of decapping projects, we recommend purchasing a laser decapper to minimize costs.

3. Reduce harm to the environment and human body

Because the computer controls the shape, position, size, time, etc. of the opening, it is more convenient to operate, and the safety performance is more guaranteed, and the pollution to the environment and human body is less harmful.