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Ceramic water cup ceramic vase ceramic plate laser engraving

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  Ceramic products can be seen everywhere in our lives. For example, many of the cups we drink are made of ceramics, as well as dinner plates, vases, etc. Ceramics add a lot to our lives. Because of the better wear resistance and corrosion resistance of ceramics , is widely used in daily necessities.

Ceramic water cup ceramic vase ceramic plate laser engraving(图1)

    The emergence of ceramic laser marking machine solves the problem of difficult pattern engraving on ceramic products. Ceramic laser marking machine is also called co2 laser marking machine. It uses carbon dioxide as a working substance and fills carbon dioxide and other auxiliary gases into In the discharge tube, a high voltage is applied to the electrode, and a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, so that the gas emits a 10.64um laser.

  Under the processing of the laser marking machine, ceramic products have realized the information engraving of various beautiful patterns and text batch numbers. The laser engraved ceramics not only have beautiful lines, but also wear-resistant, and the patterns will not become lighter or faded over time. , with a permanent marker feature. The mechanized operation of the ceramic laser marking machine ensures the efficiency of mass production and greatly promotes the development of ceramic technology.

    Model specifications of ceramic laser marking machine

    Ceramic laser marking machine can be divided into: 30W ceramic laser marking machine, 60W ceramic laser marking machine, 100W ceramic laser marking machine according to the power.

    According to the laser type, ceramic laser marking machine can be divided into: glass tube ceramic laser marking machine, metal tube ceramic laser marking machine.

    Ceramic laser marking machines can be divided into: mini desktop ceramic laser marking machines, large-format ceramic laser marking machines, and split-type ceramic laser marking machines according to their appearance.

    You can buy a ceramic laser marking machine suitable for your own production according to your actual needs. If you have other questions, you can communicate through the online customer service of the website.