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How does the laser marking machine make the pattern?

Time:2022-08-23 Views:

    The following takes the mainstream laser marking machine operating software EzCad2 software as an example, to introduce how the laser marking machine makes a pattern?

    1. Import the pictures prepared in advance into the main control computer of the laser marking machine with a U disk.

    Select the "Bitmap" command from the draw menu. At this point, the system will pop up an input dialog box to ask the user to select the bitmap to be input. The bitmap formats supported by the system are: Bmp, Jpeg, jpg, Gif, Tga, Png, Tiff, Tif. The software will disperse it into points of similar resolution according to its own operation function to complete the laser marking.


    2. Adjust the size of the picture according to the area of the material we want to print.

    3. Set the relevant parameters of the engraved photo, this step is more critical, it will directly affect the marking effect is good or bad.

    4. The setting speed of the laser parameters on the right side of the software is generally around 1000. The power is turned on a little lower first, and 35% is tested first. If the color is not clear enough, increase the power, and the frequency can be used at a low frequency of 30.

    5. After adjusting the appropriate marking parameters, mark it. In order to ensure the clarity of the marking, please select a picture with relatively high pixels for marking.