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How much does it cost to buy a laser cutting machine equipment?

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In order to meet the production needs, more and more companies have begun to choose laser cutting machines for processing. In the consultation, many people will directly ask, how much does the laser cutting machine cost? In fact, the model and configuration of fiber laser equipment greatly affect the price. I will analyze with you slowly, next time you will know how to ask the price.


      At present, there are many manufacturers of laser cutting machine equipment on the market, and the price of laser equipment is similar, but the price is always inseparable from the following three points:

      1. Different processing materials will also affect the price of laser cutting machines. For different materials, their shapes and materials will affect the choice of laser cutting machines. For materials with high toughness and thickness, the cutting of these materials requires some high-power lasers For cutting machine equipment, as the power increases, its laser cutting machine accessories will also increase accordingly, which will also affect the price. Some customers do not know much about laser cutting machines and do not know how to choose the configuration. Because of the low price and the choice of low-configuration equipment, the future cutting needs cannot be met.

 How much does it cost to buy a laser cutting machine equipment?

      Second, laser cutting machine accessories, such as laser, power size, motor, laser head, gear rack, format, etc., different laser cutting machines have different configurations, and of course the prices are different, so before choosing to buy a laser cutting machine, you should consider what functions are needed Whether the service life of the equipment, accessories and daily consumables are within their own acceptance range.

      Third, the brand also affects the price. Big brand companies have different price positioning of laser cutting machines. High-end brand manufacturers will have good after-sales service. Their equipment guarantees that the machine will appear more or less due to improper use or other external factors during use. Small problems, so after-sales is also an important factor to consider.

 How much does it cost to buy a laser cutting machine equipment?

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