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QR code laser marking machine

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  The two-dimensional code was first applied to the market in 1970. It is a universal commodity code UPC code. The two-dimensional code has high-density coding, large information capacity, wide range and error correction function. In recent years, a variety of domestic products have begun to print QR code patterns on the outer packaging to introduce products or brands. It can be an article, a contact method, or a brand public account, etc., to promote the company. brought convenience.

QR code laser marking machine(图1)

    The product QR code can also be used to trace the corresponding production batch, supplier, processing process, etc. of the product. It only needs to store this information in the QR code pattern, and then use the QR code laser marking machine to mark it. If the product has quality problems, it can be traced back to the corresponding batch in time, and the problem can be solved quickly.

    The two-dimensional code is composed of multiple irregular black lines. If you want to print the two-dimensional code clearly on the product, the traditional printing technology is obviously unable to satisfy. The two-dimensional code pattern marked by the laser marking machine not only It is clear and ensures the integrity of the QR code. It does not require consumables to produce, saves costs, and can be permanently marked.

    The fiber laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines produced by atomStack Laser can be called QR code laser marking machines, because they can easily print QR codes on the surface of commodities, and only need to import the QR code into the marking machine. The machine control software is controlled by the combination of the galvanometer and the laser to ablate the pattern on the surface of the workpiece.