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The method of adjusting the focal length of laser marking machine

Time:2022-05-26 Views:

A very important step in the process of using the laser marking machine is to adjust the focal length of the laser marking machine. The current method of adjusting the focal length of the laser marking machine is nothing more than two kinds of lifting and lowering of the resonator cavity and the working table.


The current mainstream is the lifting of the worktable. The mechanical principle is that the four corners of the worktable plane are supported by four light circles, and a screw rod is in the middle; there are four guide bushes on the base of the worktable, and there is a set of nut mechanisms in the middle. A pair of bevel gears are turned 90 degrees for transmission, and there is a handle at the front of the table that rotates to adjust the height of the table. The mechanism is relatively complex in principle, with many parts, especially between the four smooth circles, the guide bush and the screw rod, due to the problem of machining accuracy, it is easy to cause unsmooth lifting during the lifting process, and the worktable plane is twisted while lifting and lowering. More importantly, the mechanical strength of such a mechanism is very poor, and it is not suitable for heavy workpieces. Long-term use will cause the plane of the laser marking machine to twist.