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The reason for the shallow typing of the laser marking machine?

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  1. The lens is dirty and stained

This kind of problem only needs to use some cotton swabs, dip some alcohol on it, and then scrub the lenses, beam expanders and focusing lenses of the marking machine to remove the stains on them, and the problem of shallow typing can naturally be solved. ;

 The reason for the shallow typing of the laser marking machine?(图1)

    2. The optical path is deviated

If this happens, it is necessary to re-adjust the optical path to restore it to the best state;


    3. The marking speed is too fast and the filling method is unreasonable

In this case, the marking speed can be reduced, the original filling method can be adjusted, and the focus must be re-adjusted to determine whether the workpiece is on the top.


    Fourth, the current problem of laser marking machine

If it is because the power supply current of the equipment is too small, it will also affect the depth of the marked characters or patterns. At this time, the current of the laser power supply should be increased to reduce the frequency of the marking machine, so that the marking machine can run normally. Avoid the situation where the words on the mark are too shallow;