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What are the advantages of UV laser marking machine in all walks of life?

Time:2022-07-15 Views:

With the development of science and technology, UV laser marking machine technology is more and more widely used in all walks of life, such as electronic industry, sanitary ware, aerospace technology, automobile and motorcycle accessories, mobile phone accessories light-transmitting buttons, military products, cosmetics , jewelry, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, craft gifts and other metal and non-metallic materials. It has been deeply involved in every aspect of our lives.


What are the advantages of UV laser marking machine in all walks of life?

      Use laser marking to achieve the effect of no damage to the package, maintain the integrity of the film, make the outer film intact, and effectively prevent the light and moisture of the goods in the package. On the other hand, aluminum foil layers or other metallized films have become barriers that prevent laser light from passing through other material layers. Therefore, the properties of these materials allow laser technology to accurately locate and mark packaging materials. At the same time, the tear line is clearly visible to the naked eye, so it is easy for consumers to tear the package. Laser marking and laser perforation technology effectively prevents the enlargement of the hole and avoids the damage to the integrity of the package, and at the same time has good air permeability and moisturizing effect. We have to be amazed by the amazing technology of the laser marking machine, it is the marking integrity that we have always emphasized.

 With the development of automation technology, manufacturers have also found the key points of technological breakthroughs in marking machines through the research on automation equipment such as laser marking machines. Since then, major manufacturers have widely used UV laser marking machines. It is hoped that with the reform of science and technology, the marking machines can be updated and play a greater role.