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What are the daily maintenance skills of laser marking machine?

Time:2022-07-15 Views:

      1. Before use, please check whether the software settings have changed, and whether the function buttons and indicators are normal. Confirm that the switch is working properly. After pressing the switch, check that the power is on; the laser is working properly.


      2. Check whether the focal length is within the standard focal length range and whether the laser is normal.

      3. Check whether the laser parameter setting diagram is normal and whether the laser parameters are within the setting range.

      4. Check whether the machine can be started normally, and whether the main switch of the machine, the laser control switch, and the laser marking system switch can be turned on normally.

 5. Keep the machine clean, use a vacuum cleaner, alcohol and a lint-free cloth to clean the dust, dirt and foreign objects on the surface and inside of the machine.

      6. Confirm that the switch is normal and effective. After pressing the switch, check whether the power is turned on; whether the laser works normally.

      7. Check whether the laser light is normal, open the software and start the manual marking laser test.

      8. When the laser marking machine is not working, it is necessary to cut off all power; if the machine fails, please cut off the power as soon as possible; cover the objective lens to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.

      9. Check whether the moving parts such as hoisting machinery and guide rails are loose, abnormal noise and oil leakage, wipe with a clean cloth and add lubricating oil. Regularly check whether the fan of the device is normal.