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What are the daily maintenance skills of the laser marking machine?

Time:2022-07-15 Views:

  Today, laser marking machines are very popular in all walks of life and are more and more widely used. If you want the laser marking machine to work properly and have a longer service life, the daily maintenance of the laser marking machine is essential.


      First of all, remember the precautions of laser marking machine

      1. To prevent electric shock, do not operate with wet hands;

      2. It is forbidden to put your hands within the laser scanning range during use;

      3. Please wear protective glasses when working to avoid strong light damage to the eyes;

      4. In case of emergency caused by improper operation of the machine, it should be shut down immediately;

      5. When operating the laser marking machine, do not put your head or hands into the machine to avoid personal injury.

      6. Without the permission of the equipment technician, the specific system parameters shall not be changed at will;

  Maintenance of the laser marking machine must also be carried out by a specialist. It is forbidden to disassemble and repair the machine by non-specialists, so as to avoid unnecessary loss or personal injury.