Application of laser marking machine

1. Application of laser marking machine


a. It is applied to all kinds of metals: the marks used in the electronic hardware accessories industry may not be understood by many people. Some hardware accessories and electronic components will be marked with laser marking machines. For materials with more friction, such as automobiles, ships, machinery and equipment, the use of laser marking can achieve wear resistance and help the industry mark.

b. It is used in IT industry, communication industry, machine manufacturing industry, food and medicine, medical equipment, watches and glasses, craft gifts, precious metal jewelry, leather clothing, packaging and printing stoves, precision hardware, jewelry, electrical appliances, instruments and other metal processing industries.

c. Applications Through polymer materials, electronic components, wire speed limit, reflective film, plastic keys, sapphire, glass, ceramic tiles, aluminum plates, signs and other metal materials, non-metallic materials, for the use of cold processing of purple laser marking machines, these are his professional, targeted industries are electronic communications, electrical engineering, instrumentation, precision hardware, watches and glasses, jewelry, ceramics and other industries.

d. For clothing, leather, craft gifts, packaging, advertising, wood, textile, plastic, signs, electronic communications, clocks, glasses, printing, decoration and other non-metallic processing industries, it can achieve good results in the processing of non-metallic materials such as marks, wood products, cloth, leather, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated resin and so on.



2. Application of laser engraving ultraviolet laser marking machine:


a. Plaques, signs, signs The ever-changing construction of urban public facilities, the renovation of streets, modern residential quarters, hotels, and office buildings have generated a large demand for signs and guidance systems that meet international standards. Among them, carved plaques, signs, and signs account for a large part. In order to establish a good corporate image and improve internal management, Powerful enterprises have also replaced the company's plaques with engraved ones, making badges in the form of sculpture. The department badges have already become a fashion trend.

b. Building models, mechanical models, vehicle models, and ship models are the oldest design tools. Modern society has given models more novel meanings and wider uses. It is no exaggeration to say that models are industrial models, machinery, vehicles, ships, the performance and display of architectural design schemes, and the sales of commercial houses are inseparable from models. Models themselves have independent competitions, At present, the carving machine that makes the model making more exquisite and faster has become the best helper for making models in all walks of life.

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