Be careful when purchasing laser marking machines

1. It is very important to buy products from regular manufacturers. At present, there are some big brands of marking machines. Although the price is more expensive, the quality is guaranteed. Although the price of products produced by some small manufacturers is low, the quality is not guaranteed. The lack of after-sales guarantee is a big problem for later use.


2. Quality discrimination is actually very important. This is the basis for customers to purchase. When purchasing, don't just compare the price, but the quality is the most important. In terms of quality discrimination, it is best to find a professional person to make a comparison, so that we can have a good comparison effect.


3. Take a look at the product trademarks. Some products are the trademarks of the products directly sold by the manufacturer that belong to the ultraviolet laser marking machine itself, so the price is reasonable. However, some customers do not have the support of the manufacturer when selling, but stick their own trademarks later in the cooperation with the manufacturer, so the price is not particularly reasonable, and the after-sales service is not very good.

With the development of laser technology and the price reduction of the main components of laser marking machine, the laser marking machine is no longer a superior product and is widely used in various industries.


But in the process of use, many customers have encountered such problems. Yesterday, they were still in good use. Why can't they mark or engrave characters when they are turned on today? Let's check the software problem of your laser marking machine from several aspects. If the software problem is not found after the check, please contact the manufacturer of the laser marking machine to check whether the hardware is damaged.


Nowadays, most of the optical fiber laser marking machines are on the market, especially those newly bought in recent two years. As we all know, optical fiber laser marking machines are very durable, and IC full-automatic laser marking machines generally do not have problems. If your optical fiber laser marking machines suddenly have problems that cannot be marked, please check the problems in the following order, open the marking software, and pay attention to whether there are error prompts when the software is opened, If the dongle cannot be found or the LMC cannot be opened, When these two prompts appear, please reinstall the dongle driver and the control card driver. If the problem cannot be solved, it may be that the control card has failed. Contact the manufacturer to replace the control card.


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