Compared with ordinary electroplating, laser marking machine has the following advantages

1. Fast deposition speed.

2. The metal deposition only occurs in the laser irradiation area, and the local deposition coating can be obtained without shielding measures, thus simplifying the production process.

3. The coating adhesion is greatly improved.

4. It is easy to realize automatic control.

5. Save precious metals.

6. Save equipment investment and processing time. The marking machine marking industry has always been related to our living interests. However, the production and processing of the traditional marking industry will cause some waste of materials and pollution problems, which runs counter to the trend of green environmental protection in contemporary society. China has also been vigorously advocating the path of sustainable development, which has caused many contradictions between the traditional marking industry and society, The appearance of optical fiber laser marking machine has promoted the marking industry to embark on the road of green, environmental and sustainable development.


The laser marking machine is a kind of machine for professional response and professional areas. The use of this machine is professional, unique, and must use. Therefore, customers will be very careful when purchasing, and many customers will carefully choose and seriously consider when purchasing. Today, in order to help you choose the laser marking machine, we will explain how to choose the laser marking machine, It is a shortcut for you to help you choose a good laser marking machine to make our business.


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