Focal length of laser marking machine and its quality

The adjustment of the focal length of the laser marking machine depends on the rise and fall of the worktable. The laser marking machine uses laser for processing and production, which has a wide range of applications, and the processing materials are not limited. When using the same machine to process different materials, we must adjust the machine to ensure the processing effect.


1. At present, the adjustment of the focus of the laser marking machine is achieved by adjusting the worktable. The worktable of the laser marking machine is the carrier of the workpiece before the completion of processing. The laser head is emitted through the laser, reflected onto the workpiece by the objective lens, and the focus is adjusted. At this time, we can adjust the worktable to make the focus reach an optimal position, so that the processed products can achieve processing optimization.

2. Generally speaking, the worktable of the laser marking machine is fixed. We can set the processing focus in the computer program to make the laser processing work normally. The length of the processing focus can be determined according to the area of the workpiece to be processed and the laser focusing condition. In this way, when the worktable cannot be adjusted, the focus can be changed to make proper processing according to the hardness and thickness of the material.


The operator shall strictly follow the correct method to adjust the focal length of the laser marking machine, so as to avoid the loss of the machine and the failure of normal processing. Before processing, the customer shall analyze the materials to ensure the accurate adjustment of the focal length of the laser marking machine.


1. When buying the optical fiber laser marking machine, you can't buy the equipment just because the price is low. At present, the cheapest optical fiber laser marking machine in the laser market is second-hand and inferior. You can't see the service life of the second-hand optical fiber laser marking machine from its appearance, and at the same time, the after-sales service can't be guaranteed. And the inferior equipment, not to mention, will break down from time to time once it is bought back.


2. The strength and reputation of the manufacturer cannot be ignored. When you see the information of a company on the Internet, you want to know whether their company really has strength and how their reputation is. At this time, you can enter their company name on Baidu, and then their company's relevant information and negative information will be displayed on the Internet.


3. The selection shall be made according to the purpose of fiber laser marking. If it is used for cutting metal, the laser power shall be at least 200W, or kilowatt level laser is used, the imported continuous ultraviolet laser marking machine continuous light laser is generally selected. Few laser manufacturers can compete with it. If it is used for cutting non-metal, the laser is mainly pulse light laser below 50W.

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