How to make DIY gifts?

If Christmas is supposed to rhyme with the pleasure of giving and the joy of receiving, preparing for the holiday is sometimes like a way of the cross to find gift ideas. 

When you ask your loved ones what they want, they will tell you again this year: "I don't need anything", or "I have no idea". 

What would please them more than a gift in which you have invested your time and your heart? Those are DIY gifts.

More than just a consumer celebration, it's the time of year when we have the opportunity to prove to our friends and family how much they mean to us.

Making a gift yourself is not so complicated, even for beginner DIYers. And it's not pasta necklaces, but practical and ultra-trendy objects that will hit the mark for sure. 

In this guide, we are going to show you several DIY gifts for your loved ones.

  1. Customizable herb jars:

Do you have a cooking enthusiast in your entourage? Why not offer him charming customizable pots for his aromatic plants? He can grow them himself and reuse the pots as he wishes. If the recipient of the gift does not like the kitchen, any flower will find its place since the size of the pot is at your convenience. All you have to do is choose your prettiest words. Once your plants have been carefully chosen, you will make your pots in no time. 

  1. Copper soliflores:

Along with marble, copper and brass are on the rise. If you love the retro metal style, why not start making a soliflore candlestick made of copper tubes? Let the less equipped rest assured, you won't have to bother with a soldering iron, since the glue will be enough to fix them. Nor to master the blowing of glass since they are test tubes that take the place of vases.

  1. Tableware inspired by the greatest artists:

You have art lovers among your relatives, but buying decorative objects in galleries or tableware in museum shops would weigh heavily on your purse. The solution? Decorate tableware yourself by drawing inspiration from the greatest artists. If you do not feel the talent of Picasso, reassure yourself! 

  1. A Fimo clay pocket tidy:

Fimo clay is not only used to make jewelry. One can imagine infinite creations with this polymer material, which is a bit like the modeling clay of older children. Inexpensive, it is easy to work. If it is difficult to start with very small creations that require meticulousness and dexterity, such as earrings or rings, some superb and trendy objects can be easy to achieve. This is the case with this storage compartment with mineral accents that you will easily make.

  1. A surprise soap:

Even if soap making is a real craft, it is possible to make your own soap at home. You can use the natural ingredients of your choice and control each stage of the preparation. 

The opportunity, also, to share this playful experience with the children by making a surprise soap in which you will slip an unusual object. A gift that will delight young and old people.

  1. Cute ready-to-bake cakes:

Are you constantly asking for the recipe for your famous cookies? So, offer a nice jar containing the ingredients ready to be put in the oven. The principal is ingenious and has made the heyday of wedding and baby shower gifts. Simply place all the ingredients (dry of course) of a recipe stacked in a canning or jam jar.

It also works with hot chocolate. To do this, add a measure of sugar, a measure of dark chocolate powder, a measure of powdered milk, and a few marshmallows in a jar. 

  1. Wall vases:

For flower lovers, we suggest you offer pretty wall vases that change a little from the soliflores. To do this, you can recycle simple glass jars or choose to give your vases another shape by choosing test tubes, for example, which you will attach to custom-cut pieces of wood. In a jiffy, these charming frames-vases will adorn the wall of one of your friends with grace. 

  1. A designer terrarium:

Making a terrarium is within everyone's reach, no need to be an experienced gardener. A personalized container and here is a gift that will certainly hit the mark with those who are used to being offered classic cut flowers. 

To create this miniature ecosystem, you will first need to choose varieties of plants that do not need soil to grow, such as epiphytes or tillandsias. 

  1. A hanging round mirror:

The strappy round mirror is showing off everywhere this season. It can be found in entrances as well as in the trendiest bathrooms. That's good, you would like to offer a resolutely decorative object to those around you. 

So, get started making the mirror. Small, big, or even hexagonal, you choose its finish so that it matches the style of the interior of its happy future owner. 

  1. A dream catcher:

We see it everywhere. It is the must-have of the moment. This Native American ritual object has slipped into our interiors and does not seem to want to leave. The dream catcher, a poetic object supposed to protect your nights by imprisoning your nightmares, turns out to be an excellent gift idea for your loved ones who are passionate about decoration. In addition, it is infinitely customizable: lace, wool, feather, message wire...

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