Laser cutting of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are light, flexible, green and environmentally friendly. Whether it is leisure life, work or commuting, and the elderly, electric vehicles are inseparable from the presence of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have become a rigid necessity in people's lives. In order to improve the safety, stability, comfort and flexibility of the body, a large area of metal pipes is applied to the body of the electric vehicle, and the cutting of metal pipes is undoubtedly one of the key production processes in the production and manufacturing.

Laser cutting of electric vehicles(图1)

The traditional metal pipe production process is generally sawing machine cutting, CNC machining, bevel machining, proofing punching, drilling, etc. The bottlenecks such as cumbersome processes, time-consuming and labor-intensive, high labor costs, easy deformation of workpieces, and troublesome post-processing are becoming more and more prominent. .

Electric vehicle laser cutting can complete the traditional sawing, punching, drilling and other processes in tram production in one stop. This highly automated processing method brings higher production efficiency, as well as flexible controllable and improved processing accuracy. High quality consistency.


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