Maintenance and sudden failure of optical fiber laser marking machine

The optical fiber laser marking machine is being used more and more widely. After using the laser marking machine, users need to maintain it. Many users may have questions about how to maintain the optical fiber laser marking machine. Next, we will share some equipment maintenance knowledge with users to help them better use the laser marking machine.


1. Clean F regularly- θ The protective glass of the lens shall be wiped in one direction with a dust-free cloth dipped with a small amount of alcohol every day.

2. Regularly check the operating condition of the fan and replace the fan that does not operate normally.


3. Clean the mouse and keyboard regularly.


4. Clean the dust of the laser fan and air duct regularly, and use an air gun to clean along the air duct every week when the equipment is powered off.


5. Before starting the machine every day, carefully check the pressure of the auxiliary gas. If the gas pressure is not enough, check the pipeline for leakage.


6. Check whether each button is damaged and whether the indicator light is normal.


7. Before processing, check that the lens of the focusing lens is free of dirt and damage from the laser marking machine.


8. Before processing, check whether the position of the lifting mechanism is offset.


9. Check whether the software parameter settings have changed before processing.


10. After daily work, shut down the machine according to the shutdown steps, and then turn off the main power supply.


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