Operation process of marking machine

The marking machine is used to mark permanent symbols on various different tables. The effect of marking is to expose deep substances through transpiration, and then carve exquisite pictures, trademarks and characters. The marking machine has made great improvements in the machine layout: the optical system adopts a fully sealed layout, which has the function of light path focus indication. The appearance is more beautiful, and the operation is more convenient. The machine is equipped with the latest external water cooling system, and the operating noise is extremely low, The high temperature regulation accuracy provides a reliable guarantee for the long-term operation of the machine. The inkjet printer is a kind of equipment that is controlled by the ultraviolet laser marking machine through software and uses the non touch method for marking. According to the difference in the operating principle of the inkjet printer, the inkjet printer can be divided into jet inkjet printer, drop inkjet printer as required, and inkjet printer. The three types of inkjet printer are software controlled equipment that uses the non touch method to mark the progress of goods.

Classified by the consumables of the inkjet printer: the marking machine is divided into two types according to the working shape: one is online inkjet printer, which is mainly used for supporting the flow production line; the other is mobile inkjet printer, which means that the sprayed object does not move, and the inkjet printer is mobile. Handheld inkjet printers are available in similar markets. There are imported machines, domestic machines and joint venture machines in the Chinese market. In recent years, the number of domestic inkjet printers has increased slightly, and some functions may now surpass those of imported inkjet printers, The ink-jet printer is widely used and has strong applicability. The so-called optimal marking interval is a preliminary test. We can first find an object with the same raw material, first let it keep the interval with the marking machine needle, adjust the air pressure to the proper position, and then start printing. In this process, investigate whether the needle touches the workpiece itself, if not, Gradually swing the handle to lower the height of the needle when it is sensational to print. The IC full-automatic laser marking machine allows the needle to get closer and closer to the printed workpiece itself. When we see the characters printed, the speed of height adjustment will be slowed down, slowly and accurately adjusted to the best depth. Next, we will talk about the relationship between printing depth. When we improve the air pressure to print the products deeper, We need a stronger and more stable motor and a more accurate motor driver to rotate. If the motor power is not good and the driver is not accurate, then the printed text is almost distorted. Therefore, when we need a deeper printing depth or a more accurate role, we advocate selecting different models.


In the process of operating the marking machine, we often need to adjust the printing depth to achieve the best effect of our printing products. So how can we print the satisfying effect? Let's make a brief explanation: first, we need to know what is the hardness. The harder a product is, the greater the strength is needed to print it. For example, the hardness and texture of aluminum and brass are soft, We can choose a lower air pressure for engraving. The air pressure is suitable for this kind of metal material, but stainless steel has a higher hardness. After talking about hardness and air pressure, let's talk about the optimal interval between the needles of the marking machine.

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