Quality of laser marking machine and parameters of laser marking machine

The competition in the optical fiber laser marking machine market is gradually intensifying, and there are more strict requirements for R&D equipment. Although the optical fiber laser marking machine is a popular equipment in many fields, the quality of its own equipment is the decisive factor to seize the market, development is the absolute principle, and the quality assurance of its own hardware is the guarantee of its own strength. If the optical fiber laser marking machine does not have a good quality assurance, Even if we have the most advanced technology, it is just a kind of incomplete product. The improvement of equipment quality should include synchronous improvement in all aspects, not only one-sided but also on the one hand. This will not only affect the product quality of the fiber laser marking machine itself, but also become a stumbling block to the development of the fiber laser marking machine industry in the future.

Of course, to a certain extent, it will also have some negative effects on the reputation of the optical fiber laser marking machine, which is seriously detrimental to the development of the coding machine. At present, the main thing is to improve the capabilities and technologies of the optical fiber laser marking machine synchronously based on the continuous experimental experience of the laser marking machine. The most significant advantage of the laser marking machine is its extremely high pumping efficiency, Generally, the pump conversion efficiency is 70% to 75%, which is much higher than the industrial diode pumped solid-state laser (DPSSL). Such a high conversion efficiency reduces the cooling and power requirements of the laser system and can be more compact than the structure of traditional solid-state lasers. In addition, the all fiber structure can provide a very solid and highly reliable packaging design.


Moreover, the fiber laser can significantly enhance the quality of the output beam. The computer pneumatic marking machine is a special numerical control marking device, which uses the principle of stepping motor and compressed air to conduct deep marking. It is widely used in automobile parts, hardware, plastics and other fields, and is the most commonly used industrial marking method. The core technology of the pneumatic marking machine is software and drive motherboard.


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