Service life and advantages of laser marking machine technology

The fiber laser marking machine, as a usage type machine, will have a certain loss in the working process. The longer it is used, the lower its working capacity will be to a certain extent. How long is the service life of a fiber laser marking machine? I believe many customers who want to buy a laser marking machine and are using it will want to know.


First of all, as the core component of the fiber laser marking machine, the quality of the laser directly affects the working efficiency of the whole laser marking machine. Generally, the laboratory data of the laser life is 100000 hours, which can take 11 years to calculate according to the 24-hour work every day. If the laser attenuation is ruled out, it can not be marked on the workpiece, and it can take six years based on 40% of the laser output.


Of course, this is the theoretical data of the laboratory, which will be different from the actual production environment and degree of use of the laser marking machine. According to the data of Adidas laser customers, most of the optical fiber laser marking machines have been used on the user's site for five years, and they are currently running well.


Cultivating good operation habits and regular maintenance of the machine can improve the service life of the optical fiber laser marking machine to a certain extent. The following summarizes a series of specific maintenance methods for optical fiber laser marking machine.


1. When the machine is not working, cut off the power supply of the marking machine and the computer.

2. When the machine is not working, cover the field mirror lens to prevent dust from polluting the optical lens.

3. The circuit of the machine is in a high voltage state when it is working. Non professional personnel should not conduct maintenance when starting the machine to avoid electric shock.

4. In case of any failure of the machine, the power supply shall be cut off immediately.

5. If the equipment is used for a long time, the dust in the air will adsorb the UV laser marking machine on the lower surface of the focusing lens. If it is light, the laser power will be reduced, affecting the marking effect. If it is serious, the optical lens will be overheated and burst. If the marking effect is poor, carefully check whether the focusing lens surface is polluted.


As a new type of engraving and marking technology, compared with traditional printing and ink-jet technology, the laser marking machine has a more refined marking effect, with lines ranging from mm to micrometer. For those parts with small and complex shapes, it can easily complete the marking work, which is not only beautiful, but also does not have direct contact with objects and does not damage objects.


The marks of the laser marking machine are permanent and will not be blurred with the increase of time, which makes the marks themselves have a certain degree of anti-counterfeiting, which is also better than traditional printing. The marks of the ink-jet process will be blurred and dissipated with time and use.


The laser marking machine itself is controlled by a computer, and combined with standard software to achieve marking effect. At the same time, it can easily realize the connection with the database system. In the marking software, the marking content can be modified according to its own needs. Both pictures and words can be easily controlled, and it is superior to the traditional ink-jet printing. The printing, adjustment, and repeated consumption cycle.


The laser marking machine uses the energy of laser technology to mark objects. It does not need to consume other raw materials, does not cause pollution and secondary resource consumption, and is superior to the traditional process in cost control.

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