Ultraviolet laser marking machine

1. Quality reference.

The quality of the product will directly affect the later use, which is one of the most important references. The quality reference can directly take two products as a reference, which is very important.


2. Reference of sales manufacturers.

If the quality and other indexes of the two products are similar, the service quality of the manufacturer should be referred to at this time. The later use of the marking machine requires after-sales support. If the after-sales support is not in place, there will be some problems with the use of the product.

3. Selling price.

The price has a certain relationship with the quality of the product, but this is not necessarily related. The quality of some manufacturers' products is not very good, but the price is really high. This is also a sales skill. For buyers, they must avoid these mistakes.

The reason why the speed of the optical fiber laser marking machine decreases.


1. Laser spot size.


The smaller the spot, the smaller the corresponding marking volume. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking speed.

IC full-automatic laser marking machine


2. marking format.

The deflection of large format marking galvanometer will increase the associated area, so the speed of large format marking is much slower than that of small format marking.


3. Marking density

In the case of the same width, the same spot, and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed, because the density directly increases the marking area.


4. Marking depth.

As required, if the marking depth needs to be deepened, the parameters of the optical fiber laser marking machine need to be adjusted to increase the power, current and other factors of the optical fiber laser marking machine. Therefore, the marking speed will be affected in these processes.


5. Part of the factors that affect the speed of the optical fiber laser marking machine is the internal laser frequency, laser, laser power and auxiliary gas for reasonable optical shaping and processing. The main factors that affect the internal factors are to pay attention to the selection of the model in the early stage, and follow the advice of the laser engineer when selecting.


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