AtomStack Reward Points

AtomStack Points are a kind of reward for our value customers. Your can earn points via following ways:


100 points for registering


100 Points for subscribing to our newsletter

Provide Feedback

100 Points for leaving a feedback

Order Products

Earn 1 point for every 1 dollar you spend

Share Your Creation

500 - 20000 Points($5 - $200 off coupon) for

each creation you share with us by email.

Share on Social Media

1000 points for sharing your thoughts about

Atomstack and creation, plus @AtomStack

You can redeem these rewards using your points:

Every 100 Points = $1 off coupon

How to use the points?

Redeem your AtomStack Points at checkout page to get discount for your current order.
All points you get would be expired at the end of the year.It mean you should use your points before Dec. 31 every year.

AtomStack Member Benefits

Benefits Bronze

(Sales amount < $1K)


($1K ≤ Sales amount < $5K)


($1K ≤ Sales amount < $50K)


($50K ≤ Sales amount)

Design Files
Birthday Reward Points 200 400 600 800
Monthly Coupon for Accessories 3% off 5% off 8% off
Free Accessories 1 free accessory per year 2 free accessory per year 4 free accessory per year

1. Monthly Coupons for Accessories will be sent to your Account automatically every month

2. Please contact our customer service to get free accessories

3. The order amount is the sum from the first order to your current order