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Air Purifier

Main feature:

1. Perfect fit for Atomstack protective cover B1: Use with protective cover B1 to quickly deal with the smoke and odor generated by the laser engraving machine when it is working.

2. Three-layer filter screen: Three-layer professional filter screen specially designed for laser engraving work:
The first layer of blue high-density primary filter (High-density primary filter), high-efficiency dust removal, easy adsorption of particulate matter
The second layer of white HEPA filter (HEPA filter) effectively filters PM2.5, pollen, dust and bacteria
The third layer of activated carbon cold catalyst filter (Activated carbon cold catalyst filter) effectively removes toxic gases produced by burning wood, watering and acrylic.

3. Self-contained PM2.5 detection port: With its own PM2.5 detection port, if the concentration of harmful substances in the air is too high, the purification efficiency will be automatically improved

4. Replaceable filter element: The front cover can be opened with one click, and the filter element can be quickly replaced. The filter element can be purchased separately.

5. Long-life filter element: 1 filter element is standard, and the life of a single filter element under normal use is about 300 hours (data from Atomstack test laboratory)

6. Three-speed adjustable wind speed: low-medium-high three-speed wind speed to meet different usage scenarios

7. Negative ion air purification: After the negative ion button of the purifier is turned on, the negative ions can be released into the air, which can make the harmful substances in the air lose their floating ability, so as to achieve the effect of purification.

12 Months maintenance


24-hour treatment

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ATOMSTACK Air Purifier


High strength plastic

Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Rated power


Best indoor area


Product size


Inlet diameter

5 inches/128mm

Product net weight


Packing weight


Packing List
Air purifier*1Filter element*1Fastening hoop*1
Install screwdriver*1Manual*1

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