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R3 Pro Roller

Upgraded Rotary Roller with Separable support module and Extension Towers

  • Material: Compatible with more materials, even including mug, wine glass, baseball bat, ball and ring.

  • Applicable models: Compatible with 95% of laser engraving machines on the market, including ATOMSTACK, Ortur, NEJE, Twotresss, xTool, etc.

12 Months maintenance


24-hour treatment

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R3 Pro Roller(图1)

R3 Pro Roller(图2)

R3 Pro Roller(图3)

R3 Pro Roller(图4)

R3 Pro Roller(图5)

R3 Pro Roller(图6)

R3 Pro Roller(图7)

R3 Pro Roller(图8)

R3 Pro Roller(图9)

R3 Pro Roller(图10)

R3 Pro Roller(图11)

R3 Pro Roller(图12)

R3 Pro Roller(图13)

R3 Pro Roller(图14)

R3 Pro Roller(图15)

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