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Support Column

➢ Full metal structure, more stable.

➢ The support column can be used with the R3 rotating shaft to carve super long objects, such as long wooden boards, skateboards, long billboards, etc.

➢ The support block is mainly used for supporting the engraving of large flat objects. The ball on the support block can be rotated at will. Generally, each support block is placed on the front and back to coordinate the R3 rotating roller. The R3 rotating roller and the support block are working When the carving object can slide back and forth, the support block can be placed at will according to the size of the carving object.

➢ When the R3 rotating roller coordinates with the support block to engrave, the engraved object may deviate. The laser of the engraving machine has relatively high energy during the processing, which may cause the fire. So, the engraving machine should be supervised during processing to prevent any loss or damage.

12 Months maintenance


24-hour treatment

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ATOMSTACK Support Column(图1)

ATOMSTACK Support Column(图2)

ATOMSTACK Support Column(图3)

ATOMSTACK Support Column(图4)

ATOMSTACK Support Column(图5)

ATOMSTACK Support Column(图6)

ATOMSTACK Support Column(图7)

ATOMSTACK Support Column(图8)

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