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F2 Honeycomb Working Panel

Main feature:

This work table is designed in honeycomb shape which can exhaust smoke more effectively during engraving and help to make better engraving result.

It is a must-have accessory for engraving machines. With the high-density honeycomb, smoke exhausts more easily, and material such as wood is not easy to be blackened by smoke.

The size of the work bed is 400*400*2.5mm Honeycomb diameter is 0.3 inch (7.5mm)

It perfectly fits Atomstack A5 20W, A5 Pro, A5 M30, A5 M40, X7 Pro engraving machines. It's also compatible with other engraving machines as long as the size is suitable.

The bed is made of high-quality metal, it's strong, stable, rust-proof and durable.

12 Months maintenance


24-hour treatment

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